Thank you to all who attended our Spring concerts. The real reward for the Singers is the opportunity to share the hours of learning, practicing and polishing our songs with our audiences. The gracious reception we received this time is indeed sweet icing on the cake. The theme of ‘nostalgia’ was obviously a hit based on the many compliments we received, and as our annual summer break from rehearsals now begins we each have added another layer to that delicious cake of memories which we build each year. As Jackie Gleason used to proclaim on his TV show back in the last century(!), How Sweet It Is!

July is truly a month of celebration. A unifying focal point this month is the 4th of July, but it is also a time of picnics, parties, and relaxing at sunset with a cool drink, laughter and conversation. Now and again it’s fun to compare childhood summer vacation memories with friends. And as adults living in a community composed of individuals from all parts of the country and beyond with amazingly varied backgrounds and life experiences the range of these memories is extraordinary. Of course the passage of time and technological advances has had an incredible impact, some for the better and some perhaps not. Many of us have memories of going to summer camp which, back not too many years ago, meant going away from home to sleep in a cabin or tent for a week or two. There we would enjoy swimming, boating, campfires with singing and smores, and total freedom from parental control. Hanging on our living room wall I have a canoe paddle with my name and a north woods scene painted which I was presented with after my second year as a camp counselor in 1953 which reminds me of those times gone by. Today our grandchildren are far more likely to attend a camp for soccer, gymnastics, rocket making or computers than actually going away and gaining a bit of independence. This is not to say that becoming a better athlete, understanding the basics of rocketry or developing computer proficiency isn’t important. Certainly it may improve the chances for landing a better paying job in the future. Perhaps that is the reason for what appears to be a real paradigm shift in the way people think these days. I believe that those of us raised back than represent a way of parental thinking that said that childhood was a time for growing strong and independent. Back then it was a place for simply exploring life without the pressure of worrying about having marketable skills before surviving puberty. However the world truly has changed in many ways, and while we enjoy a life filled with advances in technology and medicine, the newest generation will never understand nor appreciate the way we spent our childhoods in the good old days!

The Singers will be on vacation until August 11th. How about joining us at 4:00 PM in the Summerset III clubhouse so we can make some music together?

Chuck Hunter – 408-205-0027