June is truly busting out all over, and here in Summerset that means


What better time of the year to celebrate nostalgia! Summer vacation memories from when you were a kid, fireflies, campouts, staying out late, first dates, moonlight walks are memories which can evoke a time in life when things were both more innocent and sweeter. And those nostalgic memories can be triggered in different ways. Perhaps the smell of a campfire or a drive along a country ride will do it, or maybe gazing at a photo of long-gone moment with someone special will bring you a pause in the bustle of our modern world and you will spend a few moments bathed in memories. Quite likely one of the most obvious nostalgic triggers is music, thanks to juke boxes, LP and 45 records, cassette tapes, CD’s and transistor radios, which were the primary delivery source of musical pleasure in our day. I know that each of you readers has one special song tucked away in your memory bank which can make you smile. And that, my friends, is why the Summerset Singers are devoting their June concerts to probing around in the recesses of your musical vault of memories in hopes of providing you with some smiles and memories which might get your feet tapping and warm your heart. A flier elsewhere in this newsletter gives you information on how to purchase tickets. Be prepared to go home from the show smiling and humming a tune which will provide you with a memory you will spend the next week with while you are slowly chewing and digesting a long dormant memory! Our performances are as follows:

June 19 – 6 PM – Summerset II

June 20 – 6 PM – Summerset II

June 22 – 4 PM – Summerset III

June 23 – 4 PM – Summerset III

Chuck Hunter – 408-205-0027

Here’s a bit of nostalgia in TV commercials from your childhood