Summerset Singers

The Summerset Singers, now under the musical direction of Anne Andrego, is a choral group based in Summerset, a retirement community in Brentwood, California. The group is becoming well known as a major choral group in the East Bay musical community. Many of our members have sung in organized choral groups all over the country, served as musical educators, and some have joined us to explore their love of music in their retirement. The singers have performed to rave reviews in recent years.

Our new director is an accomplished musician and an energetic and exciting choral director. Her full-time profession is teaching vocal music and piano. We are so excited for this year and if you live in one of the Summersets, we would love to have you sing with us. We now rehearse on Sundays from 4-5:30 at the clubhouse in Summerset III.


I’m delighted to share the wonderful experience I have had over years of singing with the Summerset Singers. I’ve been so happy to have the opportunity to continue my lifelong hobby right here in my own backyard. There is so much to gain by meeting and sharing music with others. And the friendships that have developed as I’ve met new people through membership in the chorus are very special to me. Feels more like a family gathering together in Harmony. Judy

Being in the Summerset Singers is a happy part of my life. Loved singing my whole life. Our Choir practice is a great way to meet others in our community. We are a group of warm people who like to laugh, sing, and we care for each other. We love to see newcomers join our group. Everyone is invited! Shielia