Summerset Singers

The Summerset Singers, under the Musical Direction of Susan Stuteville, are a choral group from Summerset in Brentwood and have grown to over 65 performers. The group is becoming well known as a major chorale in the East Bay music community. Although a non audition group, The Summerset Singers have many members who have sung in organized choruses as well as many others who decided to join a choral group as part of their retirement enjoyment of music. The Singers have performed to rave reviews over the last few years at El Campanil Theatre in Antioch, Summerset Auditoriums, Allen Jones Performing Arts Centre at Liberty High School, and the Brentwood Civic Center Auditorium.

Who says a vocal choir can’t record music during a pandemic? Well our summerset singers just completed a remote video of that iconic song “HALLELUJAH”. With a lot of hard work and guidance from our talented musical director, Susan Stuteville; the singers overcame both the musical and technical challenges and achieved a first time virtual choir recording. check it out on youtube, you will see and hear a group of singers whose average age is 78 give a great rendition of this iconic song. the link to youtube is:
The singers are now beginning rehearsals ( remotely of course ) on our second “virtual choir” song for the christmas season; so stay tuned, leave a comment on youtube, be well and keep singing.